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Eagle Beagle's Birdhouse of his soul

Hello, I'm Eagle Beagle. if that sentence didn't tell you, I'm a furry ... Not the MTV or quite the CSI haloween2003 variety either. I just am into the fact of escaping reality and becoming something else. The art and costumes are amazing, i have my own ~fursuit~ now too. My name may be your first question- i originaly started out in furry as Giga Pooch a Computer Beagle... I just wasn't really happy with it, while mascotting for my high school as an eagle I just really grew a liking to the animal, and was torn as to my furry species and had a great idea...Make character of both so as you can see by my LJ icon (if it shows up) that's what i came up with. To back track a bit real quick, Why a Beagle? I seem to have noticed though my life that i have the luck and almost life of charlie brown, not many friends,shy,etc(minus a loyal dog). In short I LOVE SNOOPY! that's it for now. see yall later!

Technician class ham radio operator

~~~~~~HAY! If you're friending me keep in mind~~~~~~~
If i haven't friended ya back its because 1 of 2 things. I either dont know you, maybe know you by a different name, or ya didn't talk with me first.
So if i don't know ya and ya want me to add ya, drop me a line and we'll talk
Graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting (live journal wont recognize as a real school)
march2007-july2007 night class