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A Cautionary Tail - Tiny Desk Dance Mix

Feb. 1st, 2017 | 09:10 pm

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Jul. 16th, 2016 | 03:55 pm

Should be at megaplex. Work plans might be trying to fuck me over. but i'm working on it.
MFF for sure as well. room is 90% confirmed, just waiting for final word. Beyond those. i want to do MFM, but just a bit of a long shot as i have no room or anything really setup. may just save those days for something local, i don't know. I am open to ideas!
i live less than a mile from lauderdale by the sea in south florida, within range of areas of west palm to keywest. i'm sure something will pop-up. also if anyone wants to visit, feel free to ask. I live by my self in a decent 1 bedroom apartment, plenty of space to host someone wherever you'd like to sleep. I just gotta know you though :P i'm Leary of strangers x.x

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eh. updates i guess

Jul. 16th, 2016 | 03:40 pm

Been a weird year so far. Work has been all over the place the actual TV events we've been doing are great fun, but when we've been stuck missed them due to mechanical issues and the few weather issues it sucks. I still get paid, but the hit to the moral,and the missing of the chances to hone my skills and actually get better is irritating. Good points- got student loan paid off, apt. is mostly unpacked and decorated the way i like it. FINALLY passed a certification test i needed for work, that's nice at least. .... thats all really.
I've gained 30 lbs since this time last year, and still cant seem to get rid of more than a pound or 2. I try and try to change my habits, but i just dont have the will power. Still single, each person i've attempted to court hasn't worked out. Still friends with them, but just that feeling of ,well. darnit. work had me out of state all last month, and that was miserable except for a few high points of seeing a couple friends who came to visit. AND i get to go back out next week . boo.
My 30th birthday came and went with very little fanfare, not much in the way of gifts. the few well wishes i did get were greatly appreciated i assure you. Mentally wise i'm still a bit shaky and flaky at times, i really don't mean to be but i just can't help it. Feeling a bit out of touch and out of the loop with lots of people i used to be really close with as well. Not sure what i can do to fix that i get nervous and shy even more easily than usual. sill working on that with professionals, but maybe i need someone better. I can game on the go now with a laptop i got with all my overtime , so that helps occupy my time, but motivation to go out is just nil.

I know its a little randomly dumped out here. but just get thoughts and things built up and they gotta spill out somewhere i guess.

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Busy birb derg

Feb. 24th, 2016 | 07:20 pm

New job's kept me the busiest i've ever been and it's great! Paid off student loan. Actually paying off credit card every month is cool. new apt is nice, still a good amount to unpack and i probably won't without some further motivation. I've gotten fat x.x gained 20 lbs since end of last year. Part of it is lack of exercise, part of it is meds. I think i'll talk to my doc next month, see if they can get me something better, But i'm afraid of loosing the stability i've gained in recent months. Just got off a 12 day trip with work and tomorrow i go on an 11 day trip, to in and around Los Angeles, CA. never been, so i look forward to it. About it for now!

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Nov. 24th, 2015 | 08:16 pm

...idk i ran out of cleaver titles

been working 55-60 hour weeks lately. Move into my new apt dec1st. It's less than a mile from the beach a nice old 1/1.5 rental condo. can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to MWFF. flying out of MIA to Chicago on the Thursday before! then back home the following monday, working a few college bowl games. hopefully get to relax a bit after that. wooooosh

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quickie update and computer crap

Jul. 18th, 2015 | 08:43 pm

Most of my updates are on FA or twitter lately. (lol i know) But i still read LJ daily.
I'm doing okay. i have really good days and really bad ones. Highly annoying things wont stay stable in my messed up head. Working overnights now, since i was late too many times to my morning shift. (beyond pissed off at myself) so anyone wanting to chat late at night, i'll probably be awake. (1030pm-7am shift)

i have some computer bits that i need to get rid of and i figured i'd offer to you all first before i craigslist it all.

6-7 year old gaming tower with a geforce gt240 1gb video card, beefy pentium D or p4. Needs a new psu, and i'd recommend a new hard drive, It has SATA ports, but current drive is IDE.
old asus G1S i'm selling for a friend. bad video board im told and no harddrive.
OLD Acer aspire 4720Z. came with vista, has RAM maxed out, and runs 7 Okay. Short battery life, Nothing else really wrong with it.
lenovo Ideapad s10-2 runs XP...sorta. needs touchpad button fixed.
obsolete iBook G4. boots and runs fine, Dead touchpad, and its old as fuck, but could be useful!

make me an offer on any of it. I'll take just about anything for it all. since its just sitting.

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mffs and shiz

Dec. 21st, 2014 | 10:27 pm

random, out of order thoughts, because i am randoms , duh.
MFF was a weird con, but still had fun. Had 2 co-workers recognize me on TV who didn't already know my hobbies, they're pretty cool with it actually! For the record, i had my head off while texting folks to GTFO. Never made it down stairs into dealers room, damnit. never left the hotel for anything other that the evac. i was eating cheap in the hotel, or folks i wanted to hang with just wanted to stick to the hotel, I was just happy to be included so i didn't care really. It was a cheap con for me since i fucked up my airline ticket. badly. Turned out i booked 2 monday flights instead of a thursday and monday. So i ate that ticket, then used a very nice friend's reward points to get me there. If it wasn't for him, I would've just gone ahead and done a 5 hour trip on monday just for the lolz. Thanks to all those who spend any amount of time with me, you made my trip that much better, been a rough couple of months for me emotionally, and I needed the company badly. not much more interesting to report really, if i think of anything i'll edit!
the shiz: so yeah I've had some slight emotional/anxiety issues for a while. Been feeling worse lately, partly because of a near and dear friend going to be moving and i just cant seem to fully handle that. I have more good days than bad, random sad thoughts hit me from time to time, and I'd really like to stop that. I'm slowing getting better on my own, as well as Seeking a bit of professional help. BTW thanks to those who made fun of my emotional state last month you helped loads! (i am over it now, but wow was that i nice kick in the nuts i didn't need) Anyways. Saw one counselor the other day, seeing a doc in a couple weeks. Not saying anything until I'm fully through the process, but i do at least have a better idea of whats going on with me... I'm not crazy crazy, I just need a little extra help to keep my head on straight, and my mood from suddenly dropping at random. Thanks again to those who've given me extra care and attention lately i couldn't have done it without you guys. If anyone wants to add me on Skype or twitter as always, feel free. I'm pretty shy so i don't really ask a bunch of questions myself but if you poke me hard enough I'll surely say something. not sure when my next con will be. i need to get out of debt and then think about moving next year..maybe.

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me! and a cry for help bring more social.

Oct. 11th, 2014 | 05:23 pm

I've been up and down all the past 2 weeks, some know why I'd rather not being it up any more than i have to. Anyways here's what's going on with me: I work nights till 11pmEDT 99% of the time. Only off Sundays/Mondays. I'm next in line for morning shifts, but that'll be it least another month if not more. I'm terrible at starting and keeping contact. Despite that i do like to chat. So anyone can feel free to drop me an IM,text, email, whatever. I like cars, gaming, watch too much tv, i like nhl and more a fan of college over other pro sports. Didn't have to be about anything like that, i just want to be more social any way i can. I hate that I've come off as selfish lastly, but just dealing things I've never had before and not halting it well at. All.
As for this 'weekend' going to see parents tomorrow. Next one furloween, then whatever i can of elliots.

So there's my story,i need some help obviously. Feel free.

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another year

Jun. 25th, 2014 | 03:42 am

SO i made it to 28. Work's been going well. i love job, just HATE the hours. 230pm-11pm sucks. AC is coming up fast. meme posted on my FA http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5877861/ can't wait!

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May. 18th, 2014 | 11:54 pm

i'll be there! thursday 10am - monday 3pm flight

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